Bye Bye Baja

Well the 10th annual Zoe Fest (Fest X) has sadly come to an end. This was my third Zoe Fest, my first outside of Australia and it certainly won’t be my last. Once again I have had an absolute blast working, socialising (i.e. Drinking!) and just plain old chilling out with an amazing bunch of talented photographers and beautiful models, without whom, I would not have been able to create such amazing imagery during my stay in Todos Santos.

New friendships were forged and old ones reaffirmed to become even stronger. This is easily my favourite time of the year and I’m already looking forward to the next one – where ever that may be!

A big thanks to all of those that participated but in particular to Zoe for her tireless efforts, Mick Marlborough for securing all that amazing sponsorship from Lens Baby, Rogue Photographic Design, Expo Disc and Peak Design. Thanks also to Rex from A&I Books for all his help. My travel buddy Mal Grant, it was awesome fun if not a little scary driving on the opposite side of the road with you! Last by no means least, thanks to all of the models. I love each and every one of you and have nothing but admiration for your efforts and modelling skills.

Luckily for me my adventure hasn’t ended just yet and I will now be spending the next few days in VEGAS BABY!! But no, I won’t be sitting in the casinos gambling what little money I have left away. I will be heading out into the Nevada Desert for a couple of shoots with a crazy local model called Wonder Hussy! Sounds like fun to me!! đŸ™‚