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International Part 3

Having Tara and Emma in International parts 1 & 2 respectively, Anne makes up the finale of these overseas collaborations.

While staying at the Hotelito the days prior to our shoot, I was in admirance of the architecture about the place. Having spent copious amounts of time in or around the pool, I loved how the wall lights lit against the static walls within the pool compound, and the casting of shadows it produced as well.

This inspired me for a dusk/dark shoot to exploit these qualities. Anne was up to the challenge and was brilliant. The beauty part of the shoot was that even during the evening, temperature was not a factor (YAY warm climate). We took advantage of what light was barely available to capture some slow shutter work with the hammock. The remainder was exposed to whatever the lamps gave us.

I did have some focus issues, which made me a bit sad. Regardless, I was stoked with what came from our work. It was different from the norm which was very cool.

Here are samples from our collaboration. Enjoy!! 🙂


artnude fine art nude night time portrait travel

Anoush and the lantern

I managed to grab Anoush for a short time one evening after seeing the sea turtles released….I didn’t have any lights, so decided to make use of one of the lanterns on the pool deck at Casa Bentley.

night time snap shots

Party on the patio!

A few photos from our last party in Todos Santos. This one held at the beautiful Hotelito. I think a good time was had by all! Here’s a link to the images, warning: people having almost too much fun LOL