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A Collaboration

Rebecca and I had worked together back at the ’08 gathering in 29 Palms and we made some very awesome and unique images. Both of us being from far away places, it was great to have the opportunity once again to work together again.

What I didn’t realize since our first encounter was the rise in her own photography and vision, and was amazed with her approach and execution of her art. Her 2010 slide show was the previous year’s winner which I was able to see on this site which Zoe posted. 🙂 Seeing her 2011 show was fantastic and I only see bigger and brighter things in her future.

As for the title of this post, ‘A Collaboration’, this is inspired by what we accomplished. Staying at the Hotelito, I saw a setting which I wanted to capture with the privacy walls around my room which we took advantage of. Rebecca had wanted to take advantage of posing in the pool with some motion captures and brought this to my attention which I was more than happy to take advantage of.

That said, what she envisioned and how I visualized it could be two entirely different perspectives. As well, motion imaging can be hit and miss and at the time I wasn’t certain I would captured the composition with the motions. Her motions/poses I was not worried of, it was my timing. Alas, I was pleasantly surprised and moreso very happy with the captures.

Yay collaborations!! 🙂

I’m done rambling’… here are a few from that session…

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Brooke at the dam

I think I may be going senile. I was sure I’d posted these, but it appears not.  Brooke and I took a fun-filled trip to the dam with Michael, the local surfer dude we met at the first night gathering at Casa Dracula. He’s everything one would ever want in a local surfer dude – great stories and an intimate knowledge of the area. And that surfer ‘thing’ :-D.  So off we go in the ‘Baja Beater’ and discover the driest dam on the planet. Once Michael explained its purpose during rainy seasons it made sense, but still an odd thing to see.

Brooke, of course, is an amazing model, and worked the scene beautifully. It’s a pleasure when all I need to do is hold the camera and try to keep up.  These are some of the results of the hour’s work.

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Carlotta at the Todos Santos Inn

With the predominance of my shooting whilst in Mexico was done at the comfortable confines of the Hotelito, I did have the opportunity to work at the Todos Santos Inn. Such striking contrast between the two locations, from old world style to modern design.

The majority of the work will end up being presented in a series format to be posted at a later date. This post I am presenting a small handful of individual images to showcase our time there. Carlotta and I had previously worked together in Vancouver back in 2007 and was a fantastic experience. This time around was no different. Thank you Carly 🙂

Alas… the photos… and more to come later on.


Beach Shack 2 with Carly

After my first unsucessful shoot at the Beach Shack I gave it another try with Carly. We were seen the first time because we started on the back  facing the property. With Carly we approached from the front and never went out back.


Locations changes with Tara Tree

With the help of a location scout I met through Rex I gained access to a Beach Shack on private property. Started shooting in the a.m and were quickly seen by a ranch hand on the property. I assume he told the owner and we were quickly told to leave. It seems as if the scout forgot to tell the owner that nudes were being shot. Luckily we had a second option.

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Más de Todos Santos.

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The Stairs…

One of the great things of a group gathering is to work with and/or share time with other fellow artists. Many with various perspectives and intentions. The one potential downside is the potential of photographers to utilize the same or similar backdrops (whether natural or manmade).

In this case, the stairs of the model house at the Hotelito. The model house had so much potential and for the most part was well utilized by most.

Samantha and I worked on the stairs inside and made some wonderful looks. When photographing this area, I was to make this into a saris. I ask posting individual images from this perspective (among others images posted) but the intent is a collage, to be continued at a later date.

With that said… enjoy!! 🙂

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The Cannery…

For the most part, my time shooting in Todos Santos was kept to the confines of the Hotelito and a couple of times at the Todos Santos Inn. Fantastic locations they are, but was nice to take advantage of something different and wandered to the infamous ‘Cannery’ where pretty much everyone else ventured to.

That said, it exposed so much to the artistic eye and the cool thing I noticed from the previous posts is that the submissions are unique to whomever has shot there. A brilliant location, and thank you to those who shared it as I was not the first (if any, the last) photographer to shoot there.

Keira and I seemed to have threatened each other to work together for some time now. Finally, it came to fruition in Todos Santos, and a perfect experience was brought about.

Entering inside the location, it was obvious the void of spirit and a time gone past was evident. What I hoped to capture there was an essence of this, and Keira gave me a lot to work with. Thank you Keira!! 🙂


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FestX Musing

The Ballet of the Lucha Libre

In addition to the shooting around Todos Santos, their were the wonderful moments meeting many new people.  One afternoon I went to the pool at the Casa Bently to appreciate the experience while contemplating the cold and snow I was reading about back home.  There at the pool, I meet world citizen Tara Tree and had a most splendid chat with her.  Later my wife Dee Dee told me of her experience at the turtle release and how much more enriching it was because of Tara’s translations.  Thank you Tara!  Upon my departure from Todos Santos I was taking Brooke Lynne to the Aeropuerto and Samantha Grace rode along as she had a flight later in the day.  To kill some time Samantha and I explored a couple old cemeteries where the locals were preparing loved ones’ grave sites for the day of the dead festival, then a formal catus garden and ending in the downtown of San Jose del Cabo for lunch where she expanded my vocabulary.  Muchas gracias Samantha and loco tacos!!!

The following is a little taste, a sampling, from my time shooting at the Zoe Fest X in Todos Santo, BCS, Mexico.
Meghan – Mexico 2011
In the palm oasis that divides Toto Santos.  In addition to her modeling, I also highly recommend checking out Meghan’s photography.
Where the Cactus Dance
On the bluff overlooking the old port dock.  Worth the bumpy drive up the mountain and worth the full insurance on the rental car.
St. Merrique
St. Merrique – Mexico 2011
A little shoot with big rewards!
Anoush Anou
Unlike other shoots, I did not have a lot planned.  I am glad, because what she created was splendid.
Brooke Lynne
Brindled Lagoon
A friend who shares her art with me.  Thank you!
Stephanie Anne
Mi Casa
A day before the Fest I explored this house and it looked like none had set foot in it for years.  It soon was evident how popular it became, I thought a little make over would create something unique.
Keira and Rebecca Lawrence
Luchadoras – From the series: The Ballet of the Lucha Libre.©
I am very grateful for their professionalism working with me shooting this series.
In my head I kept hearing music from a Clint Eastwood spaghetti western.
Ella Rose
Garden of Delights
Our schedules did not mesh in Germany, so we met in Mexico.  Such a delight!
Art, that others have created, in it’s many forms is much of my foundation and inspiration for the art I seek to create.
Below is a short video that is both a homage to Rene Magritte and to my experiences with those I created with in Mexico.
Everything we see hides another thing, we always want to see what is hidden by what we see.
Rene Magritte
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Celebrating the return of the site!

I think I have a couple more larger posts to come, but to celebrate the return of ARTnudes, a couple of art nudes.