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The Cannery…

For the most part, my time shooting in Todos Santos was kept to the confines of the Hotelito and a couple of times at the Todos Santos Inn. Fantastic locations they are, but was nice to take advantage of something different and wandered to the infamous ‘Cannery’ where pretty much everyone else ventured to.

That said, it exposed so much to the artistic eye and the cool thing I noticed from the previous posts is that the submissions are unique to whomever has shot there. A brilliant location, and thank you to those who shared it as I was not the first (if any, the last) photographer to shoot there.

Keira and I seemed to have threatened each other to work together for some time now. Finally, it came to fruition in Todos Santos, and a perfect experience was brought about.

Entering inside the location, it was obvious the void of spirit and a time gone past was evident. What I hoped to capture there was an essence of this, and Keira gave me a lot to work with. Thank you Keira!! 🙂