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Brooke at the dam

I think I may be going senile. I was sure I’d posted these, but it appears not.  Brooke and I took a fun-filled trip to the dam with Michael, the local surfer dude we met at the first night gathering at Casa Dracula. He’s everything one would ever want in a local surfer dude – great stories and an intimate knowledge of the area. And that surfer ‘thing’ :-D.  So off we go in the ‘Baja Beater’ and discover the driest dam on the planet. Once Michael explained its purpose during rainy seasons it made sense, but still an odd thing to see.

Brooke, of course, is an amazing model, and worked the scene beautifully. It’s a pleasure when all I need to do is hold the camera and try to keep up.  These are some of the results of the hour’s work.

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