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A Collaboration

Rebecca and I had worked together back at the ’08 gathering in 29 Palms and we made some very awesome and unique images. Both of us being from far away places, it was great to have the opportunity once again to work together again.

What I didn’t realize since our first encounter was the rise in her own photography and vision, and was amazed with her approach and execution of her art. Her 2010 slide show was the previous year’s winner which I was able to see on this site which Zoe posted. 🙂 Seeing her 2011 show was fantastic and I only see bigger and brighter things in her future.

As for the title of this post, ‘A Collaboration’, this is inspired by what we accomplished. Staying at the Hotelito, I saw a setting which I wanted to capture with the privacy walls around my room which we took advantage of. Rebecca had wanted to take advantage of posing in the pool with some motion captures and brought this to my attention which I was more than happy to take advantage of.

That said, what she envisioned and how I visualized it could be two entirely different perspectives. As well, motion imaging can be hit and miss and at the time I wasn’t certain I would captured the composition with the motions. Her motions/poses I was not worried of, it was my timing. Alas, I was pleasantly surprised and moreso very happy with the captures.

Yay collaborations!! 🙂

I’m done rambling’… here are a few from that session…

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Thumbs up to you and Rebecca. Fine work by both of you. I really enjoyed working with Becca in Todos Santos, she really has upped her game both as a model and as a photographer. Sorry Ron but I always expect the best of you and you don’t disappoint. Well done Amigos!

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