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Más de Todos Santos.

artnude fine art nude Hotelito

International Part 2

The title “International” depict the models outside the North American region (an attempt to be clever, lol) with whom I worked with in Mexico. This entry is describing the work with Emma.

We worked around the parameters of the Hotelito. We shot 5 rolls of 120 (645 format) during that time. During our shoot, I used for the first time a lens which I had purchased a few years back but never utilized. It has a built in shutter and has a certain purpose which I don’t particularly know exactly but came with the camera I had bought. Not realizing I had it on a setting which did not open the shutter when I depressed the trigger on the camera, 2 of the 5 rolls  were blank. This makes Ron have a sad face 🙁

Regardless, we garnered some awesomeness taking advantage of the lines of architecture and motion of clothing/prop. So definitely not all lost. But will always wonder what those other two rolls were to be.

Loving the cross-continental collaborations!! Thank you Emma!! 🙂

artnude fine art nude Hotelito

Beginnings. . .

I was really grateful for the opportunity to briefly steal away a few of the models during my stay in Todos Santos.
I have been meaning for some time to force myself back into taking photos and this was the perfect opportunity.
Model-photography is something entirely new for me and I have much to learn. I’m certainly not sure of in which direction I am headed with it all but I’ve certainly been feeling inspired since returning from Mexico and now I can’t wait to shoot so visit Melbourne soon please all of you!!
Here are a few shots, there are more to come but I’m taking my sweet time choosing so I wanted to make my first post before y’all loose interest!
Very much looking forward to working with you all again in the future 🙂

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Hotelito Studio – Outtakes – Anoush

Round three of outtakes from the Hotelito Studio series, this time with Anoush.

We shot these images around the Hotelito pool with the wonderful deep blue/ green tiles.

The selected image for the series is in the top left corner …


Anoush at Casa Bentley

This was the year of models with cameras. With so many lovely models and amazing places to shoot, I had to fit in at least one shoot of my own while in Mexico. With my 50 mm lens and Anoush’s captivating eyes, my art nude shoot quickly turned into a portraiture session.

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Anoush Anou @ The Cannery

The Cannery became my favorite place to shoot in Todos Santos (apart from the sand fleas) Brilliant light and enough ruin to meet my minimum requirement of decay.