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Back to the rat race

I’m sitting in the parking lot of Whole Foods as a friend shops for her hippy food waiting. So out of boredom I thought I’d upload a few snap shots from Todos Santos.

The drive back was pretty uneventful except for the wandering moo cow in the middle of a bit of construction. As I’m snapping the photo Candace reflected on the guy urinating on the side of the road. Made for a great giggle.

Todos Santos is a cute little town, I’d go back even just for a weekend get away. The Hotelito is great for that. LOVE it there. Can’t wait to get the photos Michael Marlborough shot from our dinner with The Mechanic in Chef, Iker who fixed about 15 different dishes representing different regions in Mexico. The food was to die for. Unfortunately I think I gained weight that night. Ha. Brilliant. Jenny, the owner, was such an amazing host and took such great care of all of us.

So until we get those photos please enjoy a few random snaps of different things. 🙂

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