snap shots

Random Act of Awesomeness and other bits of debauchery.

‘Twas an amazing time had by all. Being a film addict, the only thing I have to date to show and tell are some iphone imagery and some evil digital snaps. Coming back to non-tropical/desert weather, I am looking forward to developing and editing the work created with the amazing models. Will be a busy and active winter. On that note… si, please!!

Emma & Anne glowing 🙂
Zoe chillin’
Jenny & Fanny 🙂
Lunch with Steven
Humans 🙂
Go Turtles Go!!
The turtle release…
Ella approves 🙂
Carlotta & Robert
The Gang
Sara contemplates…
Tasty beverage 🙂
Sharp Dressed Men
What’s for lunch??
Typical Australian welcome
Ernesto feeds us tequila
What I was coming to…
What I left…