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Well it’s been two weeks since I returned home to Australia and I’m still finding cactus thorns in my feet and pesos in my pockets! What an adventure, I  feel so lucky to have been a part of it all. Everything about the fest was wonderful from the accommodation and photoshoots to the people and the parties. A highlight for me was releasing the tiny baby turtles into the ocean. When someone said to me, lets go to the beach and see sea turtles, I wasn’t expecting that! It was a moving experience.  More highlights were making new friends and catching up with old ones, creating art, the dinners and get togethers, celebrating my birthday with much tequila, the beauty of the Mexican landscape, Oh and the comment of the week made by Tara over dinner one night “If you looked this good you’d shoot yourself” …referring to self portraits lol. Well I guess you just had to be there 😉  This was a fest to remember. Thank you to Zoe and all involved in making it happen!

Here is a collection of piccies from my iphone

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