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Hotelito Studio

FestX 2011 is my fourth Zoefest and starting with the 2008 meet ( Joshua Tree, CA) I began working on a body of work called the “Studio Series”.

The goal of the series each year is to work within constrains I’ve imposed to push both myself and the models. These constraints include shooting only one roll of film per session (this year I used 35mm with 24 frames to work within. Previous years I shot medium format and had 10 frames!), limiting the time down to 30 minutes (previously 15 minutes) and apart from selecting a “studio” setting there’s no pre-conceived theme to the shoot. Ideally I’m working towards one hero image from each session to be included in the series.

The “studio” setup for FestX was the Hotelito with their amazing coloured walls. Each image has been designed to follow the same look with the foreground leading into the wall and the models working within this space. I shot colour film converted to Black&White this year and used the colour from each location to tweak the tones to my liking.

There are quite a few other images from these sessions that almost made it in and I’ll post more of these soon, along with the colour work shot digitally.

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Michael! I absolutely love this. *Everything* about this. The self imposed limits of a number of film frames, the studio location theory and of course, the images themselves.

Your collaborators really came through with incredible poses in your environments.

Completely tremendous work.

(Insert affirmative bow here.)

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