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Casa Bentley Crew

So this is me and my best attempts at mirror photography.

mirror photography
Irish model Tara self portrait

I felt very fortunate to be staying in Casa Bentley for so many reasons but most of all because of my new best friends.

This is Casa Bentley summed up in a few photos but really they do no justice what so ever. This is for you guys that never made it to Mexico this year to see what you were missing out on.

mirror photography
Irish model Tara self portrait
Lia & Carlos
Mitch Rice
Anoush Anou
Anne Duffy
Anne Duffy
casa bentley entrance
Casa Bentley Communal kitchen
Casa Bentley Pool

Here are some of the awesome people that were also staying in Casa Bentley the same time as me.

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Bentley was awesome in and of itself, but it was the camaraderie that made it so special. I think it was you, Tara, that observed the importance of the kitchen area and how it brought us all together. So true.

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