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Randoms, Part 4

Two months later, I’m looking at the last roll of film I shot in Todos Santos. Feeling a little sad. The last of its kind, sitting beside my computer patiently waiting to be developed. It’s labeled “ER – one stop overexposed”, so I know it’s the first roll I shot with Ella Rose at Casa Dracula – surprisingly the only roll I knew for sure I’d screwed up.  Tomorrow I’ll have to figure out how to adjust my developing time for the bad exposure, but tonight I’ll just post a few from the past few rolls I’ve worked on (featuring Candace, Ella Rose and Merrique).

6 replies on “Randoms, Part 4”

Loving the Randoms.

I really enjoy your style of shooting. There are a few in there that I find myself saying to myself, “Damn, *that* was the shot I couldn’t find at that particular location.”

Lovely work. Thanks for posting.

Ah yes, trying to prolong the ending. Like reading the last chapter in a great book very slowly.

Looking forward to seeing the Ella roll. That’s one of the magic qualities about film. Many surprises lurking in that canister. Hopefully some great ones!

I believe that’s why I decided to give myself the challenge of 50 blogs. Just trying to keep my head in the wonderful ZoeFest state of mind as long as possible!

Happy New Year to all!

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