Tara Tree Todos Santos 2011 Pt1


Tara Tree Todos Santos 2011


I had the time of my life is the song that is playing all the way through my travels to Mexico and back. Well in my mind any way. As i jet home to reality i wonder why can´t dreams last forever.

So Zoe i owe it all onto you. =)

I was very fortunate to fly the routes i did this year as i got to see some amazing new landscapes. Being a seasoned traveler i´ve learned to keep my eyes peeled and it´s something that pays off.

So on this travel i was lucky to see Germany´s capital Berlin for the night. I flew over Iceland on my way to the USA and saw the icebergs for the first time. Amazing! Unfortunately the polar bears didn´t see me waving but my heart was there. I scrambled over my neighbours on the plane just to get a quick snap shot but the images doesn´t quite capture the beauty of such an amazing place.

My other ariel views are images flying into LA and down to San Jose del Cabo. I found the landscapes on the way down to mexico extremely interesting. Am i weird! lol My last image was actually my first taken of the fires in Ibiza. In proportion to the island this was a pretty big one lasting almost a week.

Anyway now that we have the plane window photography discussion over we can move onto part two.

… be continued.

flying over iceland