Drive Down to Todos Santos Pt2

Local sandy/bumpy roads
Local sandy/bumpy roads
Monster truck typical transport in Todos Santos
Local Transport
Highway Todos santos
Good Highway to Todos Santos
todos santos drive
Drive down to Todos santos

We were strictly forbidden to drive from San Jose Del Cabo airport to Todos Santos after 4pm because the road was under construction.  I think it must have been 4.30pm before we got our car and a slightly nervous two models got in to be told by our driver that it was ok.  If you can drive in India you can drive any where. Well Sukumar i´m glad to say you were right but frankly i was too tired to care by that stage. lol  A big thank you to Sukumar from Anne and me. Greatly appreciated and to all the guys for hanging about the airport with us to make sure we got our ride. Love you all. =)

The drive down was interesting to say the least but the most memorable parts were the cactus silhouetted in the sunset and the wandering cows and starved horse stunned in the traffic head lights. Only on my return to the airport about one week later did i fully understand why we shouldn’t have driven so late on the road but i for one am glad i did it both ways safe. When hopefully the high way to Todos Santos is finished in May 2012 the drive down will be a nice one. Ocean on one side and mountains on the other.

Above you will find a few photo examples on the ride down and one of what the finished highway will look like. Nice and smooth and long. Photos of the actual road at the minute are censored for being so horribly horrible. Seeing is believing. The other two photos are of the daily bumpy local paths to beach were you have to let the air out of the tyres on your vechile if you want a smoothish drive over 20mph. The other is me beside what i consider a monster truck. Not seen very often on my side of the pond.

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4.30pm? You gotta be kiddin’! My flight landed only at 4:45 and by the time I negotiated that incredibly serpentine line at customs (looping back on itself lord knows how many times!), met up with you folks, bribed the Avis guy into giving me a car I could actually drive and finally hit the road, it was more like 6:20 pm. As for the condition of the road, I really didn’t notice, because I wasn’t looking at it, but at the two stunning ladies in my car. Thank you!

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