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International Pt1, Tara Tree

One of the real cool things about these gatherings is the distance we all have travelled to get to one point on the earth. With the exception of Gerry Oar everyone else is considered far, far away from where I am. Even my countrymen Robert and Carlos are three time zones from me. The trouble with living in a large country.

This section is dedicated to the most distant traveling models whom I worked with in Mexico: Tara, Anne and Emma. Ella Rose had visited me in BC a month prior to the gathering but am mentioning her as part of the long distance group of models. 🙂 I have been blessed with their presence and was wonderful working with them.

I had met Tara the first time at Joshua Tree CA back in 2006 during the CZfest. Coming from Northern Ireland she was as well the furthest to travel (as far as I can recall). Her stay was short and no time was available to work together. 🙁 Being from different locations, the chance to work together in the future seemed unlikely. How times have changed.

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Love the two lower iamges they are super !!!!beautiful B/W image and the sharpness and cleaness of the images are outstanding ,
Tara is a fantastic model you are very lucky to have her at your disposal for this shoot. I’m waiting for my chance to work with tara when she comes to Australia in the near future(fingers crossed)

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