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The Casa Dracula

Once again I decided to get out of the confines of the Hotelito and experience the rustic glory that is the Casa Dracula. Such a great space full of character and spirit. I could have spent much more time there.

Claudine and I took advantage to work there. Prior to shooting Claudine showed me some things she brought and one of them was a roll of cheesecloth. Immediately I had a vision to capture with it, so was very excited to execute this.

Along with the majority of the shoot at ZfestX, the visions will eventually end up in series but for now I am displaying individual posts.

The first series explores void and a time past. When life seems empty, we move on.

The second series I set the camera up to view straight through a bunch of rooms. The camera stayed on one spot throughout and shot in the various locations.

The third series was utilizing the cheesecloth. Its properties and uses were endless. ‘Cocoon’ was a vision I had when seeing the material and I was extremely happy with what was created. Claudine, as most know, is awesome and she worked wonders with all the themes.

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Wow, Ron. These are incredible. I love the idea of keeping the camera in a specific location and having Claudine create a story with her movement and poses.

Casa Dracula provided a wonderful place to shoot through many doorways and even from above, (that never occurred to me!) using the space in such a creative way.

Bravo to you and Claudine. Wonderful.

I like the interplay of light and shadow in the first series.

Did you used HDR in the second series?

I’m really intrigued by the last image in the third series.

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