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A Lesson Learned… and Tea!!

Finally… going to the beach!!

As stated in previous posts, I had limited my shoots to the Hotelito corridors, for the most part. Finally the thought to take to nature and take advantage of the spectacular surroundings of the beach was eminent. Meghan and I were to collaborate there.

As for the title, ‘A Lesson Learned’, is a two part ordeal. First lesson, and it is one I am familiar with, is crowd control. The concept to capture there was to shoot waves coming in in various states of Β shutter speed. We were able to do so, but only one roll, as I hoped to take advantage of more. We were there before sunrise and all was good, but there were early morning beach walkers about which hindered the process. Enough so as to change the scene and game plan .

The second lesson with that roll happened once I got home and started developing film. The developing tank I had used, has a tendency to hang spools up on the shaft out of the fluid height. That said, the one roll taken on the beach had full development on 2/3rds of every image and partial on the remainder. With those, I played farmer and cropped πŸ™ (thanks JR for the great quote). They do still display evidence of negative damage. Here are examples…

From that point on we went to a different location made took advantage of the natural shrubbery. I am so used to rainforest that this different look was a blessing. πŸ™‚

Back to the Hotelito for one last hurrah, and have a tea party. Set the table and chairs but something was missing… a secondary participant. Just so happened that Brooke was walking to Mick’s suite to do a session with him, but was a bit early. She had time to help out and all of us made tea party magic. πŸ™‚ Again, this will become a series look so a couple of examples in the individual form. That said… Enjoy the tea!! πŸ™‚


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Too bad you only had a chance to shoot one roll on the beach. The movement of the water around Meghan is magical in that light. It would have been interesting to see what could have been made with another couple of rolls. These are lovely. And one way to deal with damaged negatives…damage them more!
Like this:

The ocean nudes are so so very very ,,,, excellent .works so beautifully. the second lot of images look and work so well .many many great images that attactive to look at and enjoy the beauty of the nude in Black and white .

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