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And so it begineth…

The memories are still quite fresh of the time spent in Todos Santos with wonderful friends, some long time and some new. A most magical place which will need to be revisited in the future as I saw only a fraction of what magic it has.

All rolls have been developed and images scanned. Roughly about halfway through the editing and though some of it was ready for presentation a couple of weeks ago, decided to start the posting of work from Mexico in the new year, which is of course, today 🙂 ***due note, Australians had to suffer the wait until the 2nd, ;)***

Normally I do my edits in order of who I photographed first but this time around I decided to draw names out of a hat and the first was Candace. We have worked together numerous times since 2005, both at the Zoefest gatherings and visits to British Columbia. Outstanding model as we all know and never a dull moment.

We shot later in the week and utilized the exteriors of her room. The brick had a lot of character with nice lines and textures. The stucco made for a nice blank canvas for Candace and who is now known as Paco to do their magic.

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